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    Rules for using our Live Chat

    1. No soliciting. No advertising.

    • Do not post links to your own websites trying to sell services, products, or domains.
    • Do not post links to sales/marketplace/appraisal threads in chat.
    • Do not post affiliate links or codes in chat.
    • To promote your services/products, please use our marketplace forums.
    2. No buying, selling, or trading in chat.
    • Do not request domains that you want to purchase in chat.
    • Do not post domains in chat trying to sell them.
    • To promote your domains or domain wanted requests, please use our marketplace forums.
    • Please do not conduct business in chat, use the forums.
    • Please be honest, professional, and respectful to other members.
    • Do not mislead other members or make false claims.
    • Do not misrepresent yourself (as a moderator, for example).
    • No adult images link to adult sites or adult content of any kind.
    • No vulgar or obscene language.
    • Please use English only in chat so we can be sure these rules are followed.
    • Standard rules apply unless exceptions are described above.
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